• Light to heavy film lamination on one and two-sided paper
  • Corner rounding 1/4" OR 1/8" radius on paper or plastic or paper and plastic
  • Grommeting 1/4"grommets in silver or brass
  • Boarders 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" or 1/2" encapsulation ("bead")
  • Flush cut and 1/2" Image Area coverage for gutters, grips or guides
  • Drilling Hole punching: with standard 1/4" hole: single, double or three-hole
  • Slot punch: 1/2" length width 1/8"
  • Collating: We offer limited service for this depending on type of collating and sheet quantity.
  • We rely on outsourcing for the following services -Cutdown, Scoring and Folding
  • Folding: If 3 mil or thicker we send out before lamination. If below 1.8 mil send out after.
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