Frequently asked questions & REview Sheet


  1. Aqueous coating reduces bonding strength between plastic laminate and papers. Not recommended for some applications requiring a strong bond.
  2. Single sided lamination requires a minimum 1/2" margin on all sides. These margins must be free of all inks or coatings for a secure seal.
  3. Docutech with heavy toner coverage is not compatible with thermal laminating film. OPTION: Request SUPER STICK FILM, more costly, has stronger adhesive ability.
  4. Digital printing fuser oil is not compatible with thermal laminating film.
  5. Thin (24/60#) papers from high-speed copies tend to get waves. OPTION: Thicker (28/80#) paper recommended for laminating when using copier.
  6. Inks containing WAX, SILCONE, UV COATING or EVA are not compatible with thermal laminating films.
  7. SEALED EDGES on thin films below 1.7 and 1.8 mil are not recommended. This condition would be more susceptible to ripping or tearing.
  8. HEAVY LAMINATES (10 mil) have sharp square corners and can puncture the skin. OPTION: Recommend rounding corners for protection.
  9. Laminating is WATER-RESISTANT not WATER PROOF.
  11. Shipping & Receiving: Our company does not provide in-house delivery and pick up services. We rely on our client's delivery services, UPS, Fed Ex and other courier services. We offer limited packaging services, relying on the client to provide sufficient boxing. The client must request to insure the package which is an additional cost to shipping & handling fees. We are not responsible for packages once they leave our premise.
  12. Remember to include OVERS with your order, including extras for all bindery operations that occur after the laminating process. OVERS are extra sheets for spoilage that may occur during the job and /or at set-up.
  13. If your company is unsatisfied with the quality of the lamination (delaming, waviness, streaks etc.) please contact us ASAP or within 20 days of completion. Any complaints after this period will be unacceptable.
  14. If a complaint is issued, we'll need a sample of the job in question to ascertain the problem.
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